A group of professionals imbibed with the power of knowledge through many years of experience in various industry sectors, coupled with international exposure, joined together to form ICONS (Industrial Consulting, Orientation Needs and Services) to provide the services to meet the Industry needs.

Strategic outsourcing of various services has become a reality of competitive advantage for industries to reduce costs while getting expertise services. We at ICONS offer our services in Engineering, Project Management, Procurement Services and Training through our Consulting, Services and Support solutions.

ICONS with its broad knowledge base and customer oriented attitude offers the services to exceed the Customer expectations. We strive to provide services of world class quality ensuring the Safety standards always adhered in the design, procurement and implementation phase.

The Industry is ever growing creating the demand for human resources from time to time so is the case in the field of Design. We at ICONS provide the necessary orientation to the fresh and budding engineers in Piping and Pressure Vessels which occupies a major chunk of manpower especially in the Design and EPC phases of Projects.


“We at ICONS are committed to continually improve our quality management system by enhancing team capabilities, engagement of employees and delivery efficiency. “We consistently strive to meet stakeholder expectations and requirements of relevant codes, standards and regulations.”