At ICONS, practice comprises a group of experts with deep knowledge about the market, competition, policy and regulation through provision of diverse range of services in India& Global Oil & Gas and Petrochemical Industry. We have right expertise for whatever the scope and type of project with proven process, tools & technical expertise. Ensuring project meets it goals, safe design and delivered on time at optimal cost.We help our customer to deliver Greenfield, Brownfield projects, for both large and small scale projects.

Will provide local presence where ever you need us, to ensure successful outcomes for each and every stage of your projects.

We have impressive track record for executing in India and global. Our highly qualified teams, our technically led centers of excellence are experts in helping Oil & Gas and Petrochemical manufactures in new and existing market, with our project delivery experience, we will give you predictable results that meet your business objectives.

From the creation of new assets to services that sustain and improve operating assets, we deliver innovative solutions wherever you need us. Showing you how you can convert your strategies in to a sustainable and profitable business.

This includes but not limited to: Synthesis Gas based products including Ammonia; Methanol and their derivatives; Ethylene and their derivatives; aromatics; Oxides, Glycol & Polyols and derivatives; Chlor-Alkali, ethylene dichloride, vinyl chloride monomer & Polyvinyl chloride.


Assignments Completed